There is a two step process to ensure accuracy of the cabinets being found.

Steps covered:

1. To find the official name declared by Filedirector

2. To find the location of the directory store.

To find the cabinet folder name:

  1. Open Filedirector Enterprise Manager
  2. Right click Cabinet and select settings to open the Cabinet configuration
  3. On General tab under settings you will see Database name -> 
  4. The value entered is your cabinet/folder name in Filedirectory.

To find cabinet file location:

  1. Open Filedirector Enterprise Manager
  2. Double click your Cabinet
  3. Double click "Default pool"
  4. Right click on row and choose settings, this will show you the storage location. You can also read this from the Location column of the Row if visible (If showing incomplete, the Column width is able to be dragged wider by hovering over the column header line then holding left mouse button down and moving the mouse across)