If you want the best levels of support for you then we ask that:

  • You understand that, candidly, "If it's not a ticket it's not an issue". We use fresh desk to maximise traceability and require everyone to use this as their primary way of raising issues.
  • All support requests must be sent via email at support@c2s.co.uk - Please do not use our personal email accounts which may not take notice of holidays, absence, time with clients. Our support team monitor tickets 8.30 - 5.30 on all working days where we can escalate internally as needed.
  • We would suggest that two people be nominated as your main contacts for raising support requests. We would appreciate the names, direct telephone number and email addresses of these two nominees to be provided for each company.

  • If you want to phone us, as we appreciate that will be useful, please submit a ticket first and have our ticket number to hand - We'll make sure you speak to the right person.

  • You must make sure that you contain enough detail to replicate an issue, specifically as a minimum: screenshot to demonstrate, specific document references, data/time when something happened (for log checking). We recommend you use either 'Snipping' or 'Record Steps to Reproduce a Problem' both available on the start menu in Windows 7 and later.

  • Please make sure that you submit one ticket per issue, don't mix and match - it will only serve to confuse matters.

We will always respond to you promptly to acknowledge your issue and ensure that we resolve as quickly as possible. As long as you are able to help us replicate what you experienced then the fix is generally very quick. All tickets are monitored and responded