How to split a multi-page combined document into individual documents.

Note: this will only work on documents that show a thumbnail for each page. Some multi-page

documents such as Pdf and Word docs may only show a single thumbnail even thought it is a

multi-page doc.

1..Right click on the document in the search list and select Check-Out.

2..Double click on the document selector to open it.

3..Click on the Edit tab in the Control box.

4..Enter any indexing data that will be common to all of the split documents then click


5..Select the last thumbnail of the first document to be split off, e.g. if the first

document to split off is a 2 page document, select thumbnail 2.

6..Click on the Split Document icon, or press Ctrl + subtract (-). The new document will

remain on screen, the remaining pages of the original document will be split off to a new

document in your Local documents list.

7..Add any indexing data that is unique to this new doc. Click Save and F9, your new

document will be saved.

8..The remaining pages of the original document are in the Local Documents list. Double

click on the document selector to open it.

9..Repeat the process from step 5 for the remaining documents to be split. When you are

left with the last document just add the indexing data, Save and F9.