Office Document Revisions Apparently Not Being Saved (Save Prompt Does Not Appear).

(And other unusual errors with Office link).

The Cause Of This Problem

The part of FileDirector that controls interaction with MsOffice programs is FileDirector Component Service, which runs under the Local System account (no network access). The Component Service normally uses the local document cache that is located in your Documents folder (c:\Users\....personalfolder\Documents\FileDirector). Your personal documents are being redirected to a network resource, so the Component Service cannot access the document cache in the normal way because it does not have permission.


The Component Service could be run under an account with permission to access the network resources, but this would not be good from a security perspective.

The solution is to move the FileDirector document cache back to a local filesystem folder. We do this by changing a setting in the FileDirector Winclient configuration file (usually in c:\program files(x86)\Spielberg Solutions GmbH\FileDirector WinClient\app.xml).

The file can be edited in notepad.exe. The following line needs to be changed:

    <add key="LocalCachePath" value="" />

Change this to:

    <add key="LocalCachePath" value="c:\fd_cache" />

where "c:\fd_cache" is the new local document cache. (You can choose any suitable location.)

This needs to be applied to every computer individually, and also to the server where the WinClient installation files are held (so that new client installations and upgrades get the same settings).

The WinClient installation files are normally found on the server in the folder:

"c:\program files\Spielberg Solutions GmbH\FileDirector Server\Setups\WinClient".