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PDF Attachment for Purchase Orders

Hi C2S,

Just had a meeting with the RML board and they asked about the possibility of having the option to attach a PDF to orders.

This would be useful we feel for orders where we need to attach logos or drawings, for any leaflets/signs for marketing for example or they are sometimes useful to send along with timber/building supplies orders. 

Hello Michael 

This feature is actually in Zahara already. For each PO you can add a PDF (We call is a quote) - in the Notes section. You can add as many separate documents as you like, all related to that one PDF



Hi Micheal,

I have had a word with the lead developer for Zahara, who advised that this is not an exact feature we have had in planning, but is very similar to a feature being discussed, which is to have the ability to prepend and append pages to the generated PDFs for T&C's etc. Which would allow you to do a similar thing. There is no known timescale for this at the moment, but it is under discussion.

Kindest regards,

Carl Spring

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